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  • Cam Alft 5 years ago

    why you women do that ugly butt shake shit?you want to get a mans
    attention,go up and talk to him!!myrtle beach has changed a bit since i was
    there last!aint nothing but a party destination and not even a riding thing
    to you all,not even a reunite with bros of long time no see and bike convo
    and remanising!nothing,not a god dam thing! i just saved myself money and
    time by staying away from this one,like so many others are getting to
    be,worthless and took over by cash!!

  • cortezswagger 5 years ago

    Lil booty ass bitches

  • FreakyBoyStells 5 years ago


  • Ray Ban 5 years ago

    …small ass, and ugly mugs on these girls.

  • sthpac69 5 years ago

    I think he has crabs, he doesn;’t look to clean anyway

  • TheChuck624 5 years ago

    Look at Homey in the plaid shorts playing with his shit. Damn Homes, they
    ain’t that hot.