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  • Ball Daily 5 years ago

    theres only alot of booty shakin vids when you put it in the search

  • george willis 5 years ago

    there is alot off vids like this but some woman like to dance tho they like
    to show there skills you never know whos watching i have friends who made
    it from youtube dancing there’s a difference between enjoying it and and it
    being some women s passion and just doing it but half of what he said is
    true also it starts with you too calling these woman bitches and hos don’t
    make you better does it

  • shaunshine19 5 years ago

    This bit hating

  • they do it cause they lack self esteem and cause niggas give them praise
    why these videos never get tossed off

  • Jabbaro123 5 years ago

    Lol those women claim to be independent but yet there shaking there
    bootie’s depending on a bunch of men to support them financially.

  • blkskin1 5 years ago

    thats all there is to their character bro so they dont want you to hold
    them responsible for anything. their mothers ran the streets and half ass
    took care of them so they do the same except the internet provides them
    with a bigger audience than their mothers had AND when they get pregnant
    the government will pay for everything so…I mean WE will pay for
    everything so what do they really have to loose…good vid

  • Omika75 5 years ago

    Why the fuck are uou watchin the videos then, are you gettin any ass, who’s
    making you look for and watch them videos, A. Your gay or B. You not gettin
    any ass, have you looked in the mirror lately coon