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  • ericj305 5 years ago

    Worst Twerk Compilation Ever

  • tyler lewis 5 years ago

    I will say it’s amusing but wow I would hate for this to be my sister,
    mother, or future wife lol think of the shame if these girls or so called
    women’s kids found this or even worst father.

  • emily kalle 5 years ago

    First off, the first girl isn’t even twerking. I don’t even think there’s a
    word to explain what she’s doing. Second, this is YouTube not a porn
    website, so be naked somewhere else please. Learn to twerk before you make
    a “twerk video” 

  • UksBestMcs 01 5 years ago

    U call tht twerking lol u need ur head to be tested..

  • lester smith 5 years ago

    Stfu haters….you knew what it was before you watched it

  • Paul Holland 5 years ago

    Thing that makes me most sad is the low quality cameras…. If your going
    to make these videos ladies… buy the best cameras.

  • Tony T 5 years ago

    The one at 8 51 is my girl.Glad she stop all that shit.

  • Talor Steele 5 years ago

    There is nothing wrong with being sexy and having a good time, but present
    day, who wants to be on the internet like this? It’s not even only about
    self respect, it’s about the fact that there are predators all over waiting
    for just this. You want to take your clothes off and dance until your blue
    in the face, go for it, but putting it out there like this is only
    initiating potential situations to happen

  • Keven Clausen 5 years ago

    i just want to fuck them 😀 lol 

  • Noodlebryce34 5 years ago

    There’s no need

  • Petr Koles 5 years ago

    Songs ?please

  • Ryanes Scott 5 years ago

    im gay

  • Alanek1983 5 years ago

    Pls, give the artist and title first song from the clip.

  • Ahna Galaris 5 years ago

    Beautiful girls doing very sad things for attention. This is why men don’t
    respect you. :-(

  • David Ibell 5 years ago

    Please excuse the pun but twerkin my arse

  • robin harila 5 years ago

    damn this is good :D

  • Dexter Hughhes 5 years ago

    i love these gurls

  • MetalHeart8787 5 years ago

    Holy Shit! That first Girl Blond is HOTTER than Hell!!

  • Andrew Rice 5 years ago

    If there is a guy that doesn’t want to see this… then you must be a fag…lol

  • the trooper 5 years ago

    this is SEX !!!!

  • FREGAUNCAZZO. 5 years ago

    Worst compilation ever. They can’t twerk!!!

  • Petr Koles 5 years ago

    Songs ?please

  • normanrusty 5 years ago

    Shite choice of music

  • Kataynagirl 5 years ago

    Ok what perverted old white dude that has been to one too many strip clubs
    put this together? Ok this is NOT twerking one, and this music is all wrong
    and obviously dubbed over the original! UGH!!!

  • Random Guy 5 years ago