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  • Michael Albert 4 years ago
  • DawnoftheRoses 4 years ago

    white girl with tiara was PRICELESS

  • fashionxmaya 4 years ago

    this actually looks like so much fun.

  • supercarpenter9 4 years ago

    That white girl wop doe! (no rasim intendend) anyways going on the oasis

  • Seankilos13 4 years ago

    @MandaFoolXD Bahahha Shit i was there….. juss watching and laughin mah
    ass off XD

  • missnicething1 4 years ago

    i like the thing that the black and the white people is mixed

  • Rello Jackson 4 years ago


  • wscruggs1 4 years ago

    they have no booty

  • wintergirl08 4 years ago

    Im 12 and I can shake my ass better then those white kids ! *shame*

  • kiidswiirve 4 years ago


  • blazinfire14 4 years ago

    what kinda bati move dat???

  • VloggityNick 4 years ago

    Wow… at least dance/shake to the beat.

  • vtecboys18 4 years ago

    lmao this is soo wack

  • TheShowstopper75 4 years ago


  • gatech2b 4 years ago

    OMG this was a mess from HELL!!!!! this was the funniest video of all
    time!!!!! WTF is up with everyone doing that arm thing!!! and why could no
    one on the ship dance!!!! im embarrassed for them!!!

  • DawnoftheRoses 4 years ago

    @mlk90210 it was all fun and games then she hoe-ified it

  • 1Bullet2Ki11s 4 years ago

    that’s just a horrible thing to say. but whatever, i’ll let you bask in
    your bigotry.

  • Raafiah Towns 4 years ago

    @fashionxmaya it is!

  • silvernailpolish1 4 years ago

    Everytime I saw the girl in the black from the beginning dance I felt
    embarrased. But other than that, the ship looks fun(:

  • Porsha H. 4 years ago

    leaving june 4th…cnt wait

  • itsNards 4 years ago

    @wintergirl08 good for you. I hope you dont turn into a fucked up whore,
    good luck

  • Angie Liang 4 years ago

    goin in 2 days! excited.

  • pollyandmanny 4 years ago

    im going on april :) i wanna go there haha show them how to dance

  • mjackson4evr 4 years ago

    Soo I aiint knoo the TEEN o2 clubb offered liquor ^_^

  • mzkim2012 4 years ago

    yo i remember when i was 13 i tried sneak in,but watching this made me
    think why the hell i bothered