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  • rose monti 6 years ago

    i love how she calls it booty shaking when in 2013 now it’s called
    “twerking” XD

  • DoeEyedDeer 6 years ago

    Omg I wish we could hang out, you’re hilarious

  • Lucas Davis 6 years ago

    Your booty’s not flat. It isn’t about flat or fat or crack, it’s about
    knowin’ where it’s at (damn I’m corny)!

  • 816maxx 6 years ago

    whats the song playing during “can’t dance for shit”?

  • gineriella 6 years ago

    Why did it take you 3 comments to say basically the same thing? Need the
    wheels in your head greased a little so they’ll run a bit smoother?

  • michael acosta 6 years ago

    if i hadto go with booty shakig and porn ill go with booty shaking

  • PsychopathicRydin17 6 years ago

    This damn female is stupid. She should shut up and show her tits lol

  • Tommesha Estelle 6 years ago

    What the hell really? It’s not like I was trying change your opinion.
    SOunds like you were the one who got offended.

  • Mike James 6 years ago

    ur ass is nice ur moves aint bad either XD it was funny

  • TheJaxonj 6 years ago

    Winner winner chicken dinner…it’s me again. I think the best way to
    choose a mate should be based on criteria directly related to genitalia.
    Kinda like in the wild…the more swollen the females a** is the more
    desirable she is. Think about it…If we all start choosing mates this way
    we will never have to worry about pollution, buildings falling down in
    earthquakes, using up our natural resources, or learning the alphabet. Our
    worries will be limited to a big rock that will fall one day.

  • max launiu 6 years ago

    you’re a negative person. there’s nothing wrong with that

  • eric22701 6 years ago

    If you don’t like twerking you support a war on women. LOL. Democrats will
    probably be pushing that type nonsense come the next presidential election.

  • Aunt Jemima 6 years ago

    fuck off dwag

  • ♥DaBossLady♥ 6 years ago

    Yes I totally agree booty shaking is very over rated YouTube really is epic

  • jamscott2js 6 years ago

    If you don’t like booty shaking video’s, then don’t watch them and quit
    your Bitching!

  • mythbuster43 6 years ago

    If ass shaking is a sexual metaphor for submission, then maybe gineriella
    has decided she does NOT want to submit to the desires of horny men?

  • french fry 6 years ago

    stfu and shake that ass already.. you know you want to

  • TheRager56 6 years ago

    What do you mean we?

  • Crimsonterminator100 6 years ago

    I was wondering if you could do a video of you just smiling

  • TheKroganMaster 6 years ago

    Fuck!…..You are fucking Beautiful! 0 _ 0

  • AClockworkRaichu 6 years ago

    I just typed in “booty shaking” in the search bar, clicked on one of the
    videos, and it said “Content Warning: This video may be inappropriate for
    some users.” Right then i decided i’ve seen enough.

  • pjuanitoboy 6 years ago

    F u bitch

  • trilla713 6 years ago

    You mad cause you a long back flat booty hata

  • Tobienforcer 6 years ago

    You seem like a shallow cunt 😀

  • gineriella 6 years ago

    I may not be able to shake my ass in a way that’s satisfactory to you, but
    at least I can string a sentence together.