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  • Stuart Edge 6 years ago

    Sometimes you have to face your fears…

  • F1rest0rm3r 6 years ago

    Wait… isn’t this one girl, LINDSEY STIRLING!? O_o

  • Rafael Torres 6 years ago

    lindsey sterling omg wow

  • WWMP MUSIC 6 years ago

    1:09 Hey look this guy its calling my parents to ask me foe a date. Let’s
    take him a picture…. Well never mind I am more beautiful lets take a
    #selfie instead 

  • MuncherBroz 6 years ago

    0:11 is that Lindsey Stirling 

  • seacrest73 6 years ago

    Man, all these parents were like “good luck with that”. If it was my dad,
    he’d totally flip, like, “Did you steal my daughter’s phone? Where are you?
    I’m calling the police. If you’re lucky, they’ll get there first.”

  • Yo Bruin 6 years ago

    3:08 isn’t she Chelsea from hollywire TV ?

  • ellis0896 6 years ago

    One question I have is how you got their phones? Did you just ask them if
    you could make a call?

  • WarTorn Productions 6 years ago

    Haha you got Lindsey stirling? wow i thought she knew u

  • EllieLight1 6 years ago

    He did it. He took Lindsey Ice Skating. Check her facebook page today.

  • Nigel flep 6 years ago


  • hamdi said 6 years ago

    guy :your dauther is beautiful
    mather :oh thnk you she looks just like me !
    she mean please get a day with me(mom) not my dauther hahaha

  • Matt Torrence 6 years ago

    What’s VidCon?

  • Jake Torrance 6 years ago

    Lindsey Stirling??

  • Kaira Meredith 6 years ago

    so first my mom would say sure why not I don’t care and um I would be very
    surprised if this ever happened to me just letting u know lol

  • chasidy shatto 6 years ago

    Omg it’s Lindsey Stirling

  • THePaRRoT 6 years ago

    Was that Linsdey Stirling at 1:24 ?

  • JoeBroBonifacio 6 years ago

    You must always walk around with a wheelbarrow just to carry your
    balls, huh?

  • Kevin Liu 6 years ago

    Woah U Met Lindsey Stirling 

  • Matthew Glancy 6 years ago

    1:28 “is she that hard?” You should have said well so am I haha

  • TheFuriousDragonz 6 years ago

    Only if my parents would understand jokes like these.

  • Jake Lance 6 years ago

    Tried this, I got sex

  • Mak Smith 6 years ago

    did anyone notice Lindsay stirling ?

  • Thesuperbe msp 6 years ago

    Lindsey Stirling :o

  • Taylor Robin 6 years ago

    i see chelsea from hollywire!!! hhaha love her