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  • Mike oone 4 years ago

    Looks like feminists now know why young men see women as sex objects, when
    you twerk on stage in a tiny bikini for hundreds of men the guys of course
    will treat you how you are treating yourself, as something pretty to play

  • Lukáso BIGtekKO 4 years ago


  • CoDNick1 4 years ago

    That girls ass in the yellow, my god lol.She wins be default ha.

  • Rockw61 4 years ago

    chic from canada is hot

  • king7allah 4 years ago

    Need some sisters out there!!!!!! Too stiff get some ghetto asses on here

  • sofiayangel 4 years ago

    that cuban chip mustve looked at all of them like: wtf r u doing/// lol

  • TheAragland 4 years ago

    @Tweety2010virgo1….lol im actually really sweet…but they do suck and at
    least change the name of the video to gurls tryin to dance not booty
    shaking because there were none…

  • IINOxREGRETzz 4 years ago

    i would of knocked that faggot in orange the fuck out

  • Aryan Sharma 4 years ago

    Took ages to decide the winner wtf it was so obvious man lol

  • Rextacy Entertainment 4 years ago

    notice how the camera man keeps going back to the chick in the white
    swimsuit. cant blame em tho. she fiiiine. haha.

  • chakachakas 4 years ago

    hablando en ingles. i puras chilangas aajajaajaa

  • HolySharkify 4 years ago

    rather not

  • sofiayangel 4 years ago

    this was embarrassing… jikes…

  • javier de la rosa 4 years ago

    hot girls sexis ok mmm

  • AmyHoes23 4 years ago

    Theyy SUCK

  • TokenKiefer35 4 years ago


  • Azizi Azibo 4 years ago

    aint got sh*t to shake

  • masseffectman1 4 years ago

    Good grief ladies, get yourself some Teeny B bikini’s. Even their full
    coverage bikinis are sexier than the diapers being worn in this video.

  • djamiljo93 4 years ago

    I think if the girl in white the canadian one had not won she would kill
    every body

  • budlightyearhannah 4 years ago

    first girl needs help. ill teach u hun:)

  • Matthew Ligotti 4 years ago

    when was this? spring break or summer?

  • Battsu Val 4 years ago

    lol that bikinies are so sexy for my grandma

  • valdovinosjavier 4 years ago

    oh argentina no mms

  • PoshaBoiWaters 4 years ago

    a couple of minutes into ‘my spring break experience’ video you see some
    great ass to breast ratioed girls in cancun 2012 dance in bikinis! blew my
    fucking nuts off ahaaaha

  • reneonlineg1 4 years ago

    work that crotch