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  • uniqueladan 5 years ago

    lol d guy is funny

  • Cornelius151994 5 years ago

    Jamaican Dancing Yes!!! Rasta Mon!!!!!!

  • msbernie15 5 years ago

    the big girl did her thing

  • AEMLond0n 5 years ago

    Imagine this is someones wifey … :(

  • snakeleo 5 years ago

    agggggg fat biches!

  • rhibac 5 years ago

    @TheDogod half ghanian half bitch.. wtf isbeing half ghanian…like i said

  • noura96 5 years ago


  • Amy Collazo 5 years ago

    @TheDogod lmfao!!!

  • LDotRumor 5 years ago

    lol… the gal dat shakin her legs in di air lol

  • Sophbebe 5 years ago

    is that dark brother on the left peaking real weird init

  • imissmymarine 5 years ago

    Fat girl plz put clothes on

  • neenee21ful 5 years ago

    dhat boy makin all dem faces aint doin nuthin but makin hym mo ugly

  • amber lewis 5 years ago

    straight cellulite on the stage yuucckk

  • TheDogod 5 years ago

    @rhibac how about you stop with all this racial crap and learn to take a
    joke, you’ll have more fun in life. to answer your question “wtf isbeing
    half ghanian” it means i took your preconceived judgements and shoved it up
    your ass.

  • 1whatchawannado1 5 years ago

    whats song is ti?

  • becka123711 5 years ago

    why?????? im from da vi and dat makes me feel bad watching dat shit * i
    gotta go take a bath after watching that*

  • asmaprincess 5 years ago

    oh my dayz bare celulite jus flapping waves of it… hahahaha luv this shyt
    man this is sum funny shyt

  • gustavo69086 5 years ago

    qotta qo fatty

  • orlando3489 5 years ago

    nasty shit haha

  • plan8417 5 years ago

    could u guys plz tell me the name of this song?

  • rhibac 5 years ago

    @TheDogod letme guess your white and american double whammy gtfoh

  • TheDogod 5 years ago

    @rhibac guess again, i’m actually half ghanaian. so shut the fuck up

  • Yekaterina Fliginskaya 5 years ago

    what the fuck?

  • xMOmeNtoX 5 years ago

    @TheDogod i like seeing ppl make themselves look like dumbfucks. << Period

  • TheDogod 5 years ago

    its like seeing whales getting struck by lightning