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  • Χρυσάνθη Δεσποτοπούλου 4 years ago

    Nice song!!!! <3<3

  • bananarama9000 4 years ago

    what a faggot

  • Lucas Rogers 4 years ago

    Since when do 6 year olds know about love? lol

  • Carson Lueders Luedizer 4 years ago

    The ANOTHER Baby song

  • Stephany Teataiariki 4 years ago

    lol why do they have to start so young?? are they trying to make a record
    for youngest break out artist? lol and in the end they’re always compared
    to JB himself >_< please don’t be in a rush to get a gf/bf… but nice song. It’s catchy, don’t ya think? ^_^ 

  • Jason Aldean 4 years ago

    Guys! Please stop the hate it gets on my nerves when I see a person trying
    to follow their dream and all of you haters are being road blocks so stop
    right now! 

  • Carson Lueders Luedizers World 4 years ago

    Carson’s song “Get to know you girl” have a 1 000 000 views! Please
    Ludeizers all around the world,help to Carson get 1000 000 000 views for
    this song!

  • Liza Kiki 4 years ago

    no. you gotta make your homework. 

  • Weronika Marszalkowska 4 years ago

    On jest zajebisty zakochałam się <3

  • Jaeda Mason 4 years ago

    He is fricen cute

  • videos de barbie y mas 4 years ago

    ¿de donde es Carson, cuantos años tiene?

  • lpscraftgirl177 4 years ago

    OMG ur sooo hawt ❤️ and amazing 

  • BATMAN BATMAN 4 years ago

    Ok all you guy need to shut up he is just singing you don’t need to be mean
    to a 12 years old boy……IF YOU DON’T HAVE ANYTHING NICES TO SAY THEN

  • ong life 4 years ago


  • abby r 4 years ago

    How old are you 

  • Jules BTR 4 years ago

    This is stuck in my head GAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH I love it

  • carson be mine lol ur amazing I love you

  • mayra valencia 4 years ago

    i really love ur songs carson i wish i was u when i grow up i wanna be a
    singer just like u

  • Alicia Apenhoofd 4 years ago

    You’re like 8 & you’re singin’ a lovesong and in that clip are girls from
    14 or something. What are you trying to be? Badass?

  • Charla Copeland 4 years ago

    Hi carson love ya ♡♡♡♥♥♥

  • maycol maldez 4 years ago


  • AuGameTV Au 4 years ago

    Jhonny Orlando MattyBraps Carson Lueders

  • Jennifer Salas 4 years ago

    YOU WRE AWSOME! ps you are cute

  • Maria Carnicé Solé 4 years ago

    I love this song!! And Carson Lueders ♥♥

  • Nana Adutwumwaa Morosa 4 years ago

    mini justin bieber. nice song though