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  • JaySTEEZ 5 years ago

    Point blank if you use a weapon to teach right from wrong then youre a
    coward and doing it the WRONG way…. pussy ass father beating two girls.
    What a faggot

  • JimmyCrack Corn 5 years ago

    I was initially told it was a belt. I didn’t see nothing wrong with it, but
    if it was indeed a chord, holy shit. He does deserve prison time; NOT jail
    time. YOu don’t beat a child with a chord. Holy fucking shit. Even a switch
    is okay,but not a damn chord. Now, with that said, I bet they don’t make
    any more twerk videos and sneak out the house.




    DUMB ASS .


  • Diane Winchester 5 years ago

    sneaking out, twerking whats wrong with that? its not like they were going
    to go to a party where someone could roofie their drink and rape them. its
    not like they didn’t tell everybody where they were going. so why did dad
    hit them sooo bad. is it because he was worried out of his mind. maybe
    its because he’s a man as well and he knows what men are capable of. If a
    twelve year old wants to be out of her house at one in the morning,
    twerking…whats wrong with that.

  • XNOS SuperSniperZX10 5 years ago

    I don’t know what I would do I were their father:

    But i would certainly not beat them senseless, I think if you want your
    child to flourish and grow into the person they ought to be. I think you
    should respect and trust each other. I believe no parent should ever, speak
    to a child in a condescending, discouraging, and threatning manner.

    In fact this is what I would do I were their father:

    – situation unflods – Daughters do something very wrong.

    Step one for me: I ask them to sit down with me at the couch or outside,
    taking a walk.

    Step Two: i would tell these girls that they mean the world to me, and that
    I only want the best for them. But I will maintain a stren and strict
    voice, yet also being respectful, and gentle.

    Step Three: I will tell them exactly what they did was wrong, and I will
    tell them “girls I need your attention for now, this your life, and it is
    my goal as a parent to raise you the right. I love both of you. I want you
    to realise you must respect yourself”. So I never want to see this form of
    behaviour ever again. Are we clear?”

    Don’t get me wrong, I will do tough love, and I will certainly raise my
    voice. But I don’t think I will lay a hand on them, and I certainly
    wouldn’t intend or construct any words of emotional abuse. My goal for my
    child would be to encourage them, and teach them to pursue the things in
    them which are good and worthwhile. i will tell them they have a far bigger
    reason to live. Than be popular on the internet. They must obey me in order
    to live a live thats fullfilling for them at the end of the day. They must
    realise that dad cares more than any boy they fancy on the street.

    Ps. I will not patronise them either. I will treat them, not matter what
    the age, as the people I want them to grow up into. I will show bellief and
    tell them they have nore to live for. And that they could certainly do much
    better tommorow.

    But thats just a thought. :) I have no idea whether it will work or not?

    I would just establish a set of privelages that they get taken away from
    them, as soon as they step out of line.

    I will aim to build a trusting realtionship based entirely upon mutual
    trust, and respect.

    Love will always be there.

  • Pimpin Cash 5 years ago

    And this is why white kids kill their parents

  • Colour2014 5 years ago

    parents who to whoop their kids with a belt but they talk to them and scare
    them using words most probably are going to die of a heart attack or stoke.
    words are good but there comes a time when the belt does the talking

  • Michael Bryant Kobe Jordan 5 years ago

    White people play dat timeout bob. Give dat nigga a ass whopping and he
    won’t try dat shit again. 

  • giuseppe Ciorra 5 years ago

    good for him ,if more parent would beat the shit outta their kids, then
    maybe there would be less dead kids out there due to drugs and

  • josb inyoface 5 years ago

    This country is really fucking up all these kids up. cause when I was
    growing up we all got it when we had it coming and you no what it really
    worked because we came out ok and respect and never been in trouble with
    the law. Now you got 2 or 3 year olds running around cursing in the streets
    because you can’t take a slipper to him. FUCK AMERICA. THE END IS NEAR

  • Seriusa1 5 years ago

    twerking, is shit.

  • aMVperson 5 years ago

    So doing stupid shit like that dosent deserve an ass woopin? This is why
    our generation is fucked 

  • Ezrad Lionel 5 years ago

    My little cousins were like 4 and 7 when they moved to the US from the
    Caribbean. The first day they went to school, all the other lil kids were
    telling them to report their mother if she ever touches them. Being from
    the Caribbean my Cousin whooped the older one’s ass and he told the
    teacher. They almost put his ass in foster care. 

  • Joel Clarke 5 years ago

    If the kids deserve the ass whooping it aint child abuse

  • savageproduction186 5 years ago

    It’s not abuse it’s discipline 

  • delete afterreading 5 years ago

    Case numbers are up because every time a parent tries to punish their child
    proper, they’re arrested. Mind yo biznass! Aint nobody hit in the face!

  • Jean Panachay 5 years ago

    Those little bitches deserved worste

  • Christian Davis 5 years ago

    Why does it keep repeating itself

  • Victor Saucedo 5 years ago

    Everyone saying this is wrong and shit. My question to you is, did they
    twerk again? It worked.

  • Lars Meeuwisse 5 years ago

    sucks to be this guy, he will be hated for ever!

  • brotheomen 5 years ago

    little girls sneaking out can result in something far worse that welts and
    marks. try rape and death. you guys are fucking stupid to say that’s abuse

  • MarvelGirl100 5 years ago

    This is wrong. He should not be a parent and should be charged and
    convicted. This is not right. This is wrong. No child should live
    through that type of torment and abuse. Some people should never be

  • Lucas Anastacio 5 years ago

    now they wanna tell parents how to raise their child -_- they are tryna
    control everything…….. b4 slavery was right on their eyes …. they are
    fucking up the future…… tell me who heard about the rapper young qc who
    killed his own mother for the insurance money ? now tell me did he get
    disciplined ? 

  • AbuMansaf 5 years ago

    He didn’t deserve this. His daughters deserved every bit of that
    punishment. Stop softening up the kids of today

  • MAJOR KillzHD 5 years ago

    Stfu to all of u tht say its discipline…u don’t even know how its
    affecting those girls…fucking idiots