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  • Jesse Williams 4 years ago

    Dudes twerking? Why in the fucking fuck are fucking dudes fucking twerking?

  • Brad Jordan 4 years ago

    RIP Nicky!!!!!! Im Sure ur now in Heaven. Teaching Jesus how to make it

  • Raleigh Burke 4 years ago

    #RIPNickyDaB #ExpressYourself #Diplo #doyouevenrevolution 

  • Matt Long 4 years ago

    Diplo feat. Nicky Da B – Express Yourself [Official Video] #NickyDaB 

  • frankmoolah 4 years ago

    wtf is this? this shit is gross, kill urself

  • InnerVisionsHD 4 years ago

    Ive known this for ages , but is anyone here because of 22 Jump St ? :D

  • papoopa5800 4 years ago

    Why are there men twerking in this video?!!!!!

  • Vektorik Music 4 years ago

    People like this? Find some real music….

  • peopleaintshit duh 4 years ago

    white people just mad because they shake bones instead of ass and they
    shake off rhythm

  • Tony Pony 4 years ago

    That drop was as dirty as Africa’s water

  • chamoy326 4 years ago

    These orangutans! Awful music.

  • FadyWalker 4 years ago

    1:39 love the siren

  • Emre Toraman 4 years ago

    #RIPOLEG Saint’s Row 4

  • Leo TutorialxMusic 4 years ago

    of that has died? D:

  • Mudflap2020 4 years ago

    Is this from a zumba commercial ??

  • acruma 4 years ago

    Oh shit this track is simply horrible

  • Raoul Simon 4 years ago

    RIP Nicky

  • Brian Montgomery 4 years ago

    I came here expecting a cover of “Express yourself” by NWA and I got this

  • Travis Hale 4 years ago

    Worst song ever. RIP to this shitty song.

  • TheAngryHermit 4 years ago

    Amber Rose at 1:34 

  • Dylan A 4 years ago

    thanks for teaching white boys everywhere how to twerk <3 

  • revisory carrot 4 years ago

    1-2-3 swagilicious to be, famous time is time for me, get some pink swag do
    what i can, all in the name of Jackie Chan!

  • 19cosmo91 4 years ago

    This shit goes hard af!

  • Adicto 4 years ago

    cryengine 10 ass

  • strawcastle 4 years ago

    diplo is overrated trash. proof that all you need to be successful in the
    music industry nowadays is a copy of ableton and a loud, extroverted