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  • Monecia Smith 4 years ago

    shake that ass

  • Jasmine Williams 4 years ago

    horny old bastards

  • LuciAs Beautiiswag 4 years ago

    Dayum girl was crazy

  • darling pre 4 years ago

    This is the Nearest you will get to finding porn on youtube. :o

  • Jessica Jay 4 years ago

    where the hell is this at…everyone in that bitch is ugly as fuck

  • krista griffin 4 years ago

    That dude was gettig raped with clothes on

  • RubyElla069 4 years ago

    um what is this sht !lol

  • Pratik Sanyal 4 years ago


  • GoHard4Home 4 years ago

    its no damn way this vid got this many views without racial slurs. i assume
    that’s why you all are here?

  • sexychich122 4 years ago

    what does that mean u seem to have a lot to say about black people not all
    us do shit like this cause i dam sure wont soooo

  • aross414 4 years ago

    Come to da south where u can see some real azzs shake!

  • Kortney Williams 4 years ago

    Hahaha lol

  • Brianna Baker 4 years ago

    Damm bitch let him go haha let him himm breathe

  • SirMelodicBrush 4 years ago

    @BOOTZISCOOL Rofl so fucking true lmao!

  • Noirvids1 4 years ago

    lol why do you all worry about what white people say about black people?
    The people who say that stuff..first find black them..then
    comment. Fact: How many hundreds of millions of white people are there in
    the USA? Statistically black people CANNOT recieve the highest percentage
    of welfare….there are over 200million white people in the US..20 to 30
    Million blks…simple math. Its a pitiful mental state…let them have
    it…obsession almost….

  • dwonkiegachie 4 years ago


  • Mzbachik97 4 years ago

    Tht Waz Nt Kul I Hope Ha Dussy Dnt Stnk& Yes I Said Dussy Wit A D Not A
    P!!!!!!! :/

  • mina meyer 4 years ago

    omg shame on those girls o_O

  • florisDG 4 years ago

    i sometimes rlly wonder wtf i watch

  • OneLoveRodriguez x 4 years ago

    Poor guy ._.

  • isis searcy 4 years ago

    they are smart i would have did the same thing over my man leroy

  • 123alaphabet 4 years ago

    Girl in the black was horney

  • obeythekingz 4 years ago

    soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo who won

  • tyanna scott 4 years ago

    Black people

  • Kyle Johnson 4 years ago

    The girl in black is sexy