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  • xavierhaha1 6 years ago

    Sobs :((( Jessica …
    IDK who to believe…
    Jessica say SM and 8 OTHER MEMBERS kicked her out…
    But another side of me think that SM just made knetizen, us and Jessica to
    push the blame to 8 other members (in other words all 9 members are the
    victim, in my SONE heart)
    I’m devastated right now… *throws away all butt trophy (I know +
    snapfinger42 got this one)
    I guess I have to hear what other 8 members have to say before

  • Jung Sunny 6 years ago

    My angel, my girl, my sunshine always here

  • dodode ot9gg 6 years ago

    Guys for my 8th grade I dances this song and everybody liked it , I am
    deciding on Mr Mr or the boys for this year , which one should I do ?

  • Anqy Strauss 6 years ago

    i don’t understand why some people don’t listen to k-pop ._.

  • SunNy ShiDae 6 years ago

    i guess i would go for cheap lyrics that would make me gleaming and feeling
    happy in this world of ours today for a day. if you want serious lyrics
    watch the news and be inspired by its rich and dramatic themes everyday
    24/7. seriously, if you want to have a break….have some GEE GEE GEE…. 

  • Ivanovich531 6 years ago

    Japanese people all look the same and they have no souls. Come at me.

  • A Huffman 6 years ago

    Is this before or after their surgery?

  • mishen uthayakumar MA 6 years ago

    who is that girl in yellow long pants? :3 she is cute weyhhh

  • TheChrysna 6 years ago

    is that me?

  • Wong Chris 6 years ago

    Can we say Gee is the most popular kpop song besides Gangnam Style in 21st

  • Speedy Rabbit 6 years ago

    Can any sones tell me what are the best SNSD songs that don’t have an MV?

  • snapfinger42 6 years ago

    *Gee – 125 million views!* Good job everyone.
    Most watched music videos by a kpop group or artist:
    1.2,069,973,809 – Psy (Gangnam Style)
    2. 725,366,954 – Psy (Gentleman)
    3. 504,262,092 – Psy (GS ft. Hyuna)
    4. 125,000,358 – SNSD (Gee)
    5. 122,013,367 – Psy (Hangover)
    6. 114,505,555 – BigBang (FB)
    7. 102,720,005 – SNSD (IGAB)
    8. 97,877,900 – SNSD (The Boys)
    9. 97,076,418 – 2NE1 (I Am The Best)
    10 91,759,468 – SNSD (Mr Taxi dance)
    11. 79,916,257 – Super Junior (Mr Simple)
    12, 77,640,642 – Hyuna (Bubble Pop)
    13. 74,868,769 – SNSD (Oh!)
    14. 64,006,416 – f(x) (Electric Shock)
    15. 60,708,545 – Hyuna (Ice Cream)
    16. 58,877,106 – SNSD (Run Devil Run)
    17. 58,092,867 – Super Junior (Bonamama)
    18. 54,416,745 – KARA (Step)
    19. 53,523,597 – SHINee (Lucifer)
    20. 51,301,363 – Super Junior (Sorry Sorry)
    21. 51,058,002 – SNSD (Twinkle)
    22. 50,662,449 – SHINee (RingDingDong)

  • yannacutestory 6 years ago

    Is Sunny wearing the pink hoodie? And is Sooyoung in the blue hat? I know I
    will get it right eventually.

  • Julianah V 6 years ago

    Sorry I Hate Girls’ Generation because i love jessica

  • Joseph O'Sullivan 6 years ago

    So Sad….I’m not a SONE, in fact I’m a blackjack and often times there are
    fan wars with us but I do love SNSD. It’s very sad that their reign on top
    will (probably) end with this scandal. They didn’t deserve this after years
    of being so dominant and deserving of their recognition. I hope SNSD8 does
    well too….but without Sica….wow it’s very heartbreaking. Their music is
    always good and I appreciate them for that but their image has been
    tarnished so much this year it’s going to be hard. Stay strong SONES your
    group has gone above and beyond kpop standards xxx

  • LoulouDolly 6 years ago

    J’adore ce groupe <3

  • Rafael Baldini 6 years ago

    Just loving *Gee* even though this MV is from so long time ago ♡


  • Ívan Guðmundsson 6 years ago

    They all look the same.

  • 8angelsfighting 6 years ago

    As this was the first kpop video I ever saw, and the first kpop song I ever
    heard, it will always be my favorite. ^^ 

  • thisis675 6 years ago


  • Sebastian Michaelis セバスチャン・ミカエリス 6 years ago

    Gee, gee, gee, gee, baby baby baby~

  • Karol Nicky 6 years ago

    Q mierda es eso es un asco de musiva

  • I dunno 6 years ago

    these indian people are so weird

  • Vance Joudrey 6 years ago

    What a horrible band.