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  • Cowsgomoo 6 years ago

    I’m determined to try this but I know within 3 days of trying this I would
    probably give up lol 

  • McFlyLover92 6 years ago

    Watching this before trying is terrifying… I better order a tombstone… 

  • sophie imane 6 years ago

    does it really help to have a flat stomach? and about how many weeks or
    months the results appear? and did someone here lose belly fat ? please
    tell me i need answers!!!! thank u 

  • Bailey B 6 years ago

    i feel like alot of these work your legs out more…or is that just me

  • TheBlackCat251 6 years ago

    My workout routine consists of watching workout videos..while eating ice

  • ScarletFierce 6 years ago

    I can’t do the first workout because the left side of my abdomen starts to
    hurt. like i’m getting a knot there. is there a solution to this?

  • Ivan B 6 years ago

    Hi Christine. I think ur awesome :-) Are you a vegan or do you just eat
    real healthy? You definitely know the formula for getting lean. Intensity
    of exercise. You got it down, good job.

  • SakuraPrincess 6 years ago

    I also do a 10 minute run after this workout :)

  • ZamaBomvu ngubane 6 years ago

    Iv got a flat stomach but this is great! Lol I mean iv just started using
    these tips (I jog and worked out a lot before this) and already I can feel
    the burn in my stomach, my arms and legs!! Lol and I sweat ALOT! And I’m
    not usually a sweaty person! :) love this 

  • kiki p 6 years ago

    does this also help burn the fat you were talking about someone told me to
    run to burn the fat but its winter where i live (icy road not safe)

  • Chloe Thompson 6 years ago

    Watching before trying… Not smart of me.. Lol.. I should have gone with

  • sophie imane 6 years ago

    do we need to havea flat stomach before doing this? (sorry i don’t speak
    english very well)

  • michaelxox 6 years ago

    youre supposed to work your abs for no longer than 5-10 minutes….also
    this title is kinda misleading 

  • IrisSaysHi☺ 6 years ago

    I stabbed myself with my elbow doing prisoner squats so hard I fell to the
    ground. I can’t do this. *eats icecream.* Im working up a sweat just from
    doing 2!!! e.e 

  • TheSarastar10 6 years ago

    thanks for uploading this workout xD I’m going to do this daily, I really
    need that flat stomache! 

  • Albana Bana 6 years ago

    “How to Get a Flat Stomach for Teenage Girls”

  • natalia marie 6 years ago

    This hurts to watch 

  • vivienne aina 6 years ago

    all this exercises i’ve watched on youtube look like they will make my
    other body parts loss weight as well,i just want my old flat stomach back
    nothing else should loss weight.. :) 

  • Karen Eom 6 years ago

    How long until you see results?

  • Amy No 6 years ago

    wow, this looks like torture

  • lindsey fowle 6 years ago

    okay I have a question. are these good work outs for your thighs too!!! cuz
    I have lost weight a little bit but it seems like my thighs have gotten
    bigger!! Please help!?? :) +Christine Salus 

  • JohannahAlise 6 years ago

    I’m 13 (14 in July) and I weigh 97 pounds. I have lots of stomach fat but
    I’m skinny in my arms and legs. Is this the right workout for me, or should
    I be eating healthier? (I like to snack ALOT)

  • Pan Catfox 6 years ago

    I assume that if I am not able to do most of these, to just do what I can
    until I CAN do the other things, right? Because right now I can ONLY hold a
    plank. And jumping jacks. Everything else is horrible.

    (I just got over having cancer, so I’m trying to get my muscle back.)

  • Mary Seb 6 years ago

    Yeah, watching this while eating Gelato Ice Cream….

  • Kathryn Marie 6 years ago

    someone that has done this, does it actually work?