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  • RolandDeschain1 4 years ago

    For a white girl she sure does have a juicy ass.

  • kenne210 4 years ago

    When she stood up, I was like WTF?!… Was not expecting her to not have
    any pants on.

  • shyetown82 4 years ago

    Wtf?? hahaha! Who is this woman?? She’s cute as all hell and sexy, damn…

  • BFinFlavin 4 years ago

    sexy librarian, i like, that girl is nothing but beauty, and apparently

  • rodsgurl89 4 years ago

    @BadAndy lmfao wow

  • xdeadwaterx 4 years ago

    @sivazh disagree this is awesome

  • crysjumar1 4 years ago

    I just want to sniff it. DAMN!

  • aKILLAfromAPK 4 years ago

    the last line was very true

  • jawz78 4 years ago

    god she is sooooo hott!!! I love Iliza!

  • raoulthompson 4 years ago

    @Be1smaht …do you even realize how much a hater you sound like yourself?
    dumbass, haha

  • panzerdriver 4 years ago

    Yep, hard to sit while she dances like that.

  • cruhg 4 years ago

    oh yeh thisll get views

  • Jason Dark 4 years ago

    Nice ass!!

  • PatPowers1995 4 years ago

    I’m totally impressed! Most of the time when female comedians do sexy, they
    just parody it. After all, they’re comedians. But that’s some straight up
    bootylicious butt shaking Iliza did! Damn! She’s a double threat!

  • Gaurav Sakhuja 4 years ago

    i dont think she is as comic

  • Righteous Anger 4 years ago

    @robertgaudlitz Plastic surgery bitches who made their faces more
    Caucasoid? You know nothing about genetics, and certainly not biology, or
    selective reproduction. Faces that fit the golden ratio, or Fibonacci
    sequence are the most attractive. This applies to other things in nature.
    Well negroid faces fit this mathematical formula the least, which explains
    your “whitified” (I believe this what their people call it) semi black

  • XxRandiShaeXx 4 years ago

    I’m a girl…i just came…and I’m stright…thats how you know when your
    really f*ckin hot..

  • Axel Morales 4 years ago

    She should stick to modeling and srop trying to be funny.

  • Ervin Cifuentes 4 years ago

    que culazo el de esta mujer

  • HadDunStoldDisThang 4 years ago

    +20 to fapping

  • MaxC17 4 years ago

    omg my jaw just dropped…omg…my pants…

  • ErickReyKing 4 years ago

    She’s HOT!!!

  • JoeyOfBananas 4 years ago

    @robertgaudlitz i decline. she’s not german-looking just ’cause she lacks
    melananine… good comment though :)

  • irish goodbye 4 years ago

    press 5 for dat ass

  • phillip lee 4 years ago

    she is funny and hot.