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  • Maurienne13 4 years ago

    Damn those guys are looking fine ;)

  • rockstarMileyCyrus 4 years ago

    This isn’t a homage to anything but Satanism. This openly promotes sodomy
    through cross dressing as it’s gateway. God forbids men from wearing
    women’s clothing and acting overly feminine. This is all part of
    Hollywood’s support of the gay agenda. Very abhorrent.

  • Elizabeth Porter 4 years ago
  • Charlie Lee 4 years ago

    OOOOOMMMMMGGGGGG !!!!!!!!!!! WTH ! This is like extremly disturbing, i dont
    think i can sleep tonight. It’s just disturbing…. ewwww ! blech gross
    nastiness this is horrable the poor guys who had to do this. its just
    disturbing !

  • Bhadd101Chickk 4 years ago

    these guys make me look like shit :(

  • Bobby Hallum 4 years ago

    I don’t like this video. Not b/c there is a bunch of men with make up on,
    but b/c the video literally makes no sense. If she is trying to persuade us
    into thinking that men can be sexy too then she is doing it wrong. Like for
    example, make up, dresses etc. were made specifically for women. They do
    not naturally look good on men. So if you want to show that men can be
    sexy, do it in their own way, don’t just copy what women do. Sexy to humans
    is uniqueness and just trying to copy how women dress isn’t unique at all.
    And im all for LGBT rights and everything, but why do men have to dress up
    like girls and girls dress up like men? In my opinion it is just weird and
    they should find their own style and not just copy “normal” women and
    “normal” man because they aren’t normal and do something unique because
    guess what, if you are a guy, you are not a girl no matter wht and if you
    are a girl, you are not a guy no matter what. 

  • Ted Pavlic 4 years ago

    +IngridMichaelson made a music video for her “Girls Chase Boys” that is an
    homage to #RobertPalmer . I wonder how many music videos have mimicked
    “Simply Irresistible” in some form or another (as parody or not) over the
    years. It’s funny what things become influential/memorable over time.

    *[ **#music* *#musicvideos* *#YouTube* *#videos* *#GirlsChaseBoys**

  • MissOtakuMind 4 years ago

    Some of these guys look prettier than I do… what the hell xD

  • SimmerDown 4 years ago

    I was in the middle of being uncomfortable, and very confused. Can someone
    explain to me why they’re in feminine clothing and makeup? I personally
    just want to know what Ingrid Michaelson is trying to get to through this

  • I KICK KATZ 4 years ago

    I think there where more guys at the start of this than through the song…
    is it trying just trying to resemble guys getting sex changes? …I mean
    yeah, sure. Some time’s I feel like looking in to being a guy… I mean
    just to be in a few thousand gay gangbang pornos but ya know…. wh-…
    what where we talking about?

  • GamePoint 4 years ago

    Laughing and crying this was wierd and beatiful thank you +IngridMichaelson

  • Rachel beilschmidt 4 years ago

    Who cares if they’re fessed up as girls like seriously it’s not affecting

  • Zane Hicks 4 years ago

    what is the meaning of dis song?!

  • Jessie C. 4 years ago

    half of the guys in this video are prettier than me 

  • Rikkicoll 4 years ago

    Can anyone point me to a even weirder video? Uh no one. Didn’t think so.

  • cocoafreak7 4 years ago

    I’ve always asked this question but I want others opinions. Okay so men
    have breasts right? They just don’t grow like a woman’s. So if a man has
    breast that are similar to that of a woman’s and they can go without their
    shirt, why can’t a woman. Not saying I want to because I feel uncomfortable
    with my bra strap showing but…do you think that is unfair or it just
    makes complete since . Like should he wear a bra or…nah?

  • Chester Cheeto 4 years ago

    oh my god the black guy behind her moves way too much and is really
    annoying, and his lips are way too small its just distracting

  • Jessica Allen 4 years ago

    Um.. who is Robert Palmer?…

  • Jordan Rodriguez 4 years ago

    Disgusting! Loved the song until I saw the video. Not downloading it

  • Jack Vex 4 years ago

    What is the message? I’m confused…

  • ZombieSlay3r55 4 years ago

    Okay I get it
    We take for granted what girls do in music videos/movies. However this is
    very disturbing because the boys are dressed up as girls…… You don’t
    see girls dressing up like boys in music videos/movies. Please like this if
    you agree.

  • Sherine Yousery 4 years ago

    Even if it is about how everyone should presumably act gender wise, what
    does this video have to do with anything ? Did she use the make-up and the
    girly moves to say that everyone should be free to act human wise and not
    gender wise ?

  • AGPHFOC 4 years ago

    men should wear makeup more often

  • Cameron Panek 4 years ago

    3 words what the hell

  • Julissa Defoe 4 years ago

    so this was an old song and they did a remake ? right ? i like this song,
    originally by robert palmer ?