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  • Victoria Church 4 years ago

    Marry me? <3

  • hinata uzumaki 4 years ago

    omg minna love this song my my boy jason still watch it and jordin spakles
    is so lucky so kawwaii

  • Tracy Bashala 4 years ago

    I really hope their break is just a sick rumour. 

  • Michele Brock 4 years ago


  • Yukki Shadow 4 years ago

    +Tyler Schwindt 

  • Konstantina Neymar 4 years ago

    I will marry u Derulo!

  • Sarahhww 4 years ago

    Honestly so sad that they broke up……. this video makes me want to cryyy

  • Vale b 4 years ago

    Jason Derulo “Marry Me” (Official HD Music Video):

  • Y2John ʕ•ᴥ• ʔ 4 years ago

    Jordin and Jason have split up… there is NO hope for humanity left. :( 

  • Emma Novelice 4 years ago

    i cant stop singing it trying so hard to hit that note

  • kiya xo 4 years ago

    This song is lame no offense you make a song about marrying her but you
    don’t actually want to marry her. I don’t know if your scared or anything
    but Jordan sparks is gorgeous and you guys were a cute couple. I really
    thought there would be a marriage in this relationship. 

  • Chris Madzier 4 years ago

    #jasonderulo Marry Me,,,,,,,,,,,,, :-))))

    >>>>Please Share Public for All to Enjoy!!!!!<<<< #soundsofsunday #2014summertimejams #mondaymadness 

  • Kamilee Kim 4 years ago

    Hey  I mean it 

  • Nicole E. N. 4 years ago

    Jason Derulo “Marry Me” (Official HD Music Video):

  • Sandra Arrieta 4 years ago

    ╦╦╭┈⊰❀ ŁØv€❤ ✜

  • Tech,gadgets and galore 4 years ago

    I thought Jason derulo was a pimp/perverd man 

  • richmanbuster 4 years ago

    whats the name of the song ?

  • Relmesha Cook 4 years ago

    this is my song

  • Celina Arnaud 4 years ago

    Trés triste larme aux yeux 

  • YoungA170 4 years ago

    hey guys I’m a rapper trying to get some recognition, can you guys give my
    music a listen

  • Jacklyn Nguyen 4 years ago

    It is Jordan Sparks she has a relationship with Jason Derulo

  • Mastin Rusmala 4 years ago

    l really love this song..

  • Turbo-Charged Gil 4 years ago

    They are so cute together!
    They let pressure get the best of them :(
    I can’t believe they broke up..

  • Loreli White 4 years ago

    i seriously cried when i heard they broke up! its so not fair! they were
    perfect together. just a few weeks ago they showed their love on SM, how is
    it posible that now i read “jordin and jason split” i hope they get back
    together soon.

  • Jaqen H'ghar 4 years ago