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  • CenturyT 6 years ago


  • Vern Fonk 6 years ago

    The baby scenes were the most disturbing…

  • Fiorella Calderon Cardenas 6 years ago

    jjajaja qué acabo de ver?

  • Louis Pruvot 6 years ago

    c’est super malsain

  • MrPwnnx 6 years ago


  • Àçe Azad 6 years ago

    good song

  • Jonathan Coca 6 years ago

    not sure what i watched was sane lol

  • chris burton 6 years ago

    what a crock of no talent crap.

  • M.Mustaqim Musa 6 years ago

    yeah this music video is basically out of my box

  • C.C. Stewart 6 years ago

    Interesting Video. 

  • keeturbo 6 years ago

    Pretty Girl,but there is something (horror movie) disturbing about what I
    just watched.

  • oscar melendez 6 years ago

    jejeje i just looove womens

  • Audiomaniac84 6 years ago

    so, what atractive in man with body like a boar?
    He crashed my erection.

  • 36254518 36254518 6 years ago

    lol forever alone

  • Augusta Oliva 6 years ago

    Now I want a toy boy :c

  • yyydanyyyy 6 years ago

    this was disturbing…

  • diana carreon 6 years ago

    jajajajajaja miedo

  • silkscrim 6 years ago

    this is what happens when I watch YouTube in the middle of the night…

  • Allan Bush 6 years ago

    That was hilarious.

  • 翁小浪 6 years ago

    我放棄了我的杯子,也是我放棄了我的心臟 長腿,光亮的頭髮,微翹的嘴 我期待性精神失常,而不是我住餓了。 你只是一個破碎的玩具男孩:女孩的最壞的愛寵。
    我應該已經猜到了,當我見到你的第一眼時 你是個壞消息塗了偉大的風格 汗水的聲音,溫柔的眼睛,可愛的笑聲 我期待愛幻想,反而我沒有什麼

  • tamikash 6 years ago

    So women don’t really want the men, we just want the baby? Is that what
    this video is saying? Too funny and almost too true.

  • chris holden 6 years ago

    that was possibly the weirdest thing ive ever seen

  • Sumtinrandom 6 years ago

    Awesome video. 

  • NutsandGuts 6 years ago

    Now imagine if it were a man talking about his “toy girls”, everyone would

  • DARKR466 6 years ago

    what the literal fuck did i just watch