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  • Jesus Martinez 5 years ago

    imagine if she had smelly vagina syndrome *vomits* 

  • hamptonclub 5 years ago

    Hey twins, where’s the FTC disclosure?

  • Therese G. 5 years ago

    I’d tap that little twerkin ass of hers! ;)

  • ipodtouchacker 5 years ago

    ads in the actual video now dafuq

  • Luke Materazzi 5 years ago

    her ass is wayy too small to twerk.

  • courtney williams 5 years ago

    tf these two men got me fuck up what tf u mean be careful with nigga shit
    that her ahh if she wanna be with that lame ahh juicy j take yall ahh on 

  • Alex S 5 years ago

    Das it mane. Das it.

  • davaris williams 5 years ago

    She was just shaking her pelvis real fast

  • Anthony Johnson 5 years ago


  • michaelblaze 5 years ago

    Girl is butt ugly and has NO body what so ever. Makes no sense for her to
    twerk…she has no ass to twerk with!

  • publishedcontent 5 years ago

    “but ay tell ya what miley be careful with dim niggas” smh.. that sounded
    just like one of those southern white hicks in the kkk for a few seconds 

  • HEIRLESSful 5 years ago

    You gotta love her confidence 

  • Kavinda Udakumbura 5 years ago

    these fellows

  • Aj007cool 5 years ago

    Lol She ran into sum niggas

  • Charmese Lemon 5 years ago

    I don’t care what she does but to do it all the time is RIDICULOUS She
    tries to hard 

  • bce5150 5 years ago

    Worst 4 minutes of my life. 

  • Anna Konefal 5 years ago

    Ha ha ha thats cool

  • Aaron Tee 5 years ago

    I would love to see the Hodge twins in a club hahaaha

  • MeatlessMeatballs 5 years ago

    If you gonna shake some you better got some.

  • Luamek1 5 years ago

    i remember when this video only had 300,00 views, now 1.5 million….thats

  • dewhayne turner 5 years ago

    you a jealous bitch

  • BrokenNotLost 5 years ago

    Ah well it’s cool. Yea I never have seen it either, but I understand why
    they would do it.

  • Coolkid27ist 5 years ago

    Your face screams faggot

  • kingo gaming channel 5 years ago

    that’s not twerking that’s called lap dancing

  • Shemetha Pickens 5 years ago