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  • MsEv4ever 5 years ago

    i like her hair here.

  • TheGreatAndPowerful TRIXIE 5 years ago

    i dont know why ppl usally yell at miley for twerking. alot of ppl do it :I
    shes still awesome

  • SA Tejano 5 years ago

    twerking is a lot of booty but the problem for miley is that she doesn’t
    have a lot booty

  • Salma Lopez 5 years ago

    I just feel sorry for this person who call her self singer . A real singer
    don’t speak bad about others .like she did with my lovely mexicans friends.
    Selena gomez should teach her how to behave herself. Because selena gomez
    it’s a real singer. That’s why I love her. 

  • PoltergeistHakusho 5 years ago

    0:24 oh yeah i remember, “Drugs are for idiots, and I’m never gonna be that

  • hannah chilton 5 years ago

    Can we not talk about twerking when there are two years olds listening
    please gosh

  • Nuggiez Beats 5 years ago

    i actually like her hair in this tho

  • KSP Cosmonaut 5 years ago

    can people stop trash talking miley? Jesus christ! its like every video on
    Cyrus i go to I see 50 hate comments. Sure she has changed mentally, but
    that was on her own terms. 

  • FRANK CASTLE 5 years ago

    White women stealing Afrikan & Latin culture again

  • OoOo9LivesoOoO 5 years ago

    lmfao she’s such a pig now

  • Silverwing179 5 years ago

    Well the “signature Miley look” looks an awful lot like P!nk’s signature

  • Moni-abi 5 years ago

    Miley can’t twerk cuz she’s got a small bum EPIC fail for me to except
    refer king u have to have a big bum u don’t and seriously she is arragant 

  • Ruth Smith 5 years ago

    Why did Miley Cyrus turn into this terrible person

  • Denai Wormley 5 years ago

    ugh i’m in love with the rumper she’s wearing!!

  • Pentos19 5 years ago

    You CANNOT twerk. You killed twerking. Idk what your talking about. 

  • laelonnnie denton 5 years ago

    She made twerking mainstream 

  • Gavin Shelton 5 years ago

    she can’t tweak

  • DaggerMan11 5 years ago

    Damn she’s sexy…

  • LouisGetsReal 5 years ago

    Better than Nikki Minaj at the moment…

  • nicole omoregbee 5 years ago

    how when 1 white person twerk all of a sudden it’s mad famous ?

  • Dylan Oliver 5 years ago

    After hearing that, how many people are gonna go hate on her twerk video?

  • Bella Buds 5 years ago

    OMG!! this is so funny! checkout
    *Miley Cyrus DIss By James Ghost*
    it’s hilarious!! 

  • Dach'na pierre 5 years ago

    Girl plzz twerk rymes with work and u can’t even do dat
    Just sayin 

  • Moni-abi 5 years ago

    Why would a Disney star change to a twerk star 

  • Jason Ramirez 5 years ago

    I hate who ever hates miley