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  • Henry J Anderson II 5 years ago

    So what message is this telling us? It’s ok to have a fat ass and make it
    pop and slap…that this is considered attractive? Hmm…. Interesting. 

  • Kitana Lao 5 years ago

    That girI in the second clip though o.O would lick her up all morning like
    a real 1 btfu ;)

  • Natalia Nichole 5 years ago


  • J Will 5 years ago

    Sexy, but also sad how today’s so-called “hop-hop” has influenced pop
    culture in bad way. Still, cool video.

  • Spotbuyer Ltd 5 years ago

    What’s the song at 0:45 ?

  • Sniping_By_Krys 5 years ago

    song 0:07

  • Jimmy Boseman 5 years ago


  • Edith ramirez 5 years ago

    Mueveloricoquiero acerte el xeso anal mmmmmmmmm. 

  • Juai nott? 5 years ago

    But a great ass is made of squats not jelly right?
    This ones are pretty jelly

  • Owen Ent 5 years ago

    Who is the first girl? 

  • briana brown 5 years ago

    i wanna learn to twerk like that

  • Janai Pulliam 5 years ago

    03:12 who’s that ?

  • Petro Jones 5 years ago

    Lookin so good be good or good at it stand up or sit your ass down!!!!!!

  • Kelly Marie 5 years ago

    Has anyone else noticed how each generation seems to get progressively less
    intelligent? We are actually de-evolving.

  • wootong 5 years ago

    Look like they trying to shake some dookie loose.

  • anon ymous 5 years ago

    what about the thumbnail? flagged.

  • Zero9656 5 years ago

    Can anyone post the usernames for 1:59 – 2:05 and/or 3:39-3:44?

  • Jennifer Dawson 5 years ago


  • Vicente Perez 5 years ago

    Sin comentarios k bueno

  • wasowizard 14 5 years ago


  • bbboatman 5 years ago

    damn! 4:20

  • Darren Chetram 5 years ago

    What is the name of the song from 0.43 to 0.47 ??

  • JoshySwag OTF 5 years ago

    To anyone who wants to complain….FUCK OFF IF YOU DONT LIKE IT YOU CANT

  • Dreqwoine Dorsey 5 years ago

    The fine ass girl in the 4 pick is fine you can come and give me 6 minutes
    when we are done your pussy is going to feel like my dick got stuck deep in
    your booty

  • princess cruz 5 years ago

    That was a hot twerk