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  • laurens s 5 years ago

    Luv ur vids

  • Drop Bear 5 years ago

    Afriqan’s channel got deleted. :(

  • Ttownsboy 5 years ago

    Damn AfriqanShimba gotta blur out dat ass it wasn’t like she was nude. And
    if a thot wanna show dat shit let her don’t blur it out she already known
    world-wide. AHAHA

  • ItsJukeBox 5 years ago

    Afriqan Shhhimbaa >:D 

  • Omegle Pranks & Funny Prank | Prank Time 5 years ago

    Omegle | GIVE ME YOUR MILKSHAKES GIRL! Twerking on Omegle #omegle

  • jay long 5 years ago

    Don’t sensor

  • RunyanTv Pranks & Trolling 5 years ago

    good one +AfriqanSimba