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  • Hofmeester 6 years ago
  • MilitantAntiTheist 6 years ago

    I guess when she was little, color cameras hadn’t been invented yet.

  • Kristaly Rodriguez 6 years ago

    She didn’t even need braces -_- she’s gorgeous

  • Ac1dR3FL3X 6 years ago

    Ok, that actually got me misty eyed. I’m going to call my son and tell him
    I love him now. Goddammit.

  • Lotte is so beautiful. What country is this filmed in/ where’s she from?

  • Florchu Carp 6 years ago

    holq miren este video genial me encanto muchisimo 

  • CaptainFurFace Senior 6 years ago

    Wow she’s managed to stay in good shape her whole life. Impressive!

  • TimothyFHW | Main Channel 6 years ago

    She’s pretty cute at 12-13-14 (i am 13… not a peso turning 14 in about 15
    days) just wondering, when was she born? 1999 or 2000?

  • TheRoomAcoustics 6 years ago

    I’m a bit older than her. If only she were in England

  • I kinda feel connected to her now o.o like I know her since she was a child
    ik thats kinda weird

  • slade745 6 years ago

    As the video ended, I have 1 question:
    *What* *was* *she* *talking* *about* *for* *14* *years* ?

  • sajohaynes 6 years ago

    Wow this truly is amazing and very creative. If I have a kid one day, I
    will have to do something like this!!! Good work…

  • NextInLine 6 years ago

    She should be a vlogger since she’s used to the camera for so long and I
    believe she would be great at it :)

  • Italo Cillo 6 years ago

    Mi è piaciuto il video:
    *”Ritratto di Lotte”*
    una riflessione sul mistero e la bellezza della vita…

  • FricoHUN 6 years ago

    She’s a real beauty. <3

  • Dart Papinova 6 years ago

    Well time flies faster than we all think!

  • drey988 6 years ago

    I got a challenge, try to count how many times she blinks her eyes

  • Vadim Ovsiankin 6 years ago

    It’s Great!

  • John Barry 6 years ago

    This made my 5 year old daughter cry. 

  • Demauscian 6 years ago

    They grow up so fast. :,-)

  • Michael Sanaghan 6 years ago

    Omg such a gorgeous little baby and look at her now… You can tell she was
    raised right

  • Gustav Atkinson 6 years ago

    grow grow grow….4 more years to become legal xD
    im just kidding
    it’s a really fun and really nice video. It’s great how technology allows
    to record such moments.

  • Nino mtersasruti Gogiashvili 6 years ago

    I’m wondering what she’s talking about all the time.

  • Anggie Harygustia 6 years ago

    This video is so…good, pretty, touchy, I don’t have any kids just yet but
    somehow I find this video is so touchy.
    The next projetct is from 14 to 28, perhaps?

  • Albert Einstein 6 years ago

    How did she grow up so fast?