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  • John Shay 5 years ago

    too bad she ruined any potential for anything other than being a stripper
    and prostitute with those ridiculous tattoos, ewww, so much hotness
    potential ruined, it’s sad really

  • akaMyThought 5 years ago

    Im a dude and im going to get those implant .
    No dude has done it yet !
    Dont take my idea im going to be rich

  • PPP603 5 years ago


  • TheVelgaxxx 5 years ago

    empty headed waste of skin.

  • Jimmy Merciless 5 years ago

    She’s a whore but a pretty one. Her body is wack but I’d still phuck her.

  • Juan Acosta 5 years ago

    She’s not only one. I seen girls do it in past

  • kakabak1 5 years ago

    boob twerk…one hell of a tit fuck…just saying.. haha

  • NDSiXL 5 years ago

    She’ll do a good boob fuck

  • Brandon Smith 5 years ago

    i wanna fill her up 

  • Hinz Zimmler 5 years ago

    Model. lol She means stripper.
    1:06 no, it means giving millions of perverted men a hard on. lol sex
    sells, she should be honest about it.

  • John Galt 5 years ago

    how unfortunate all those tattoos covering up such a nice body. 

  • Jamie Parks 5 years ago

    So proud of you. Really talented you are. NOT!!!!!! Your wasting your
    beautiful self for twitching your boobs. Find something useful and play a
    piano or something. Your gorgeous but by doing this your looking pretty
    dumb and useless. Sorry but I know you got potential.

  • Jomari Bodden 5 years ago

    Lol too funny chh

  • Александр Бирюков 5 years ago

    ну и что? сиськами дёргает , любая так сможет если сиськи чуть поднакачать

  • Goldboy Jr 5 years ago

    Tattoos are ew

  • gigaboat 5 years ago

    time to start working on my ball bag twerk .

  • NightWolfXVI 5 years ago

    Wow, awesome job girl make that money with your boobs.

  • Kevin Bills 5 years ago


  • Patches Rose 5 years ago

    I thought Muscle men can only do that. *Attempts titty twerk fails tits too

  • Wanderley Rosales 5 years ago

    She is hot !!! :)

  • fml2013 5 years ago

    dang 50 k from 1 vid. gonna suck when she ages. hope she has a plan B. 

  • Ashleighxoxoxhugs 5 years ago

    i can do that and i dont have implants

  • ufohunterful 5 years ago

    She can entertain me anytime

  • silverss onyoutube 5 years ago

    off with her head allah akbar .