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  • Александр Муромцев 5 years ago

    ЭУропЭская куЛтура,не то,что в диком СССР.

  • Armands Vilnis 5 years ago

    Pusei sejas kā mērkaķiem.

  • anityy 5 years ago

    This is so fucking lame. Sorry but white girls just really shouldn’t twerk.

  • Nick Homolibere 5 years ago

    Хороший дефинишен – TWERK!

  • СТЕПАН СТЕПАНОВИЧ 5 years ago

    шановні друзі трішки відпочинем .стиль танцю Twerking.і ці дівчата знають,
    як зробити це стиль танцю дуже сексуальним . .

  • Mario D. Zmaj 5 years ago

    when will this 2 second shots bullshit fad pass? does everyone have add? am
    I the only one annoyed by this? especially in combination with that shot
    with the sun in the back, it keeps blasting you in the eye. girls are good
    and sexy, no complains there from me, but whoever directed this is terrible

  • will122391 5 years ago

    It’s cool and all that the EU likes to twerk ‘n all but they seriously got
    no ass over there

  • jirik barnet 5 years ago

    2:50 Name of song? Please… :(( 

  • TwerkMusicHD 5 years ago

    Perfect Video!

  • Kristaps Jankovskis 5 years ago

    Pašmāju dupši ir perfekti dupši! ^^ 😉 😀 Tiešām acīm tīkams video! ;):DD
    Un dziesma piemērota..

  • HoT LaVa (One of the Best rappers on YOUTUBE) 5 years ago

    Listen 2 My F*cking Music Now!!! And This is not SPAM I don’t even like
    SPAM that shit Nasty!!

  • Paul Phoenix 5 years ago

    *facedesk* And you want me to take women seriously? This is straight up
    retarded, on one side you have women shaking their asses on youtube acting
    like a bunch of whores, and on the other you have them crying for equality.
    Bring it on feminists.

  • Афанасий Мендель 5 years ago


  • Wennie Zi 5 years ago

    Americans, please don’t bring race on this vi… whatever they already
    did… _’

  • Флориан Калайджиев 5 years ago
  • DerkosDesigns 5 years ago

    956.761 guys saw this video :)

  • Keilah Hodge 5 years ago


  • The Welter 5 years ago

    Tell me what you think. I think it’s wonderful

  • wafflefacepenis 5 years ago

    Only a fucking fag would think this is sexy, twerking looks retarded full
    stop its like having a seizure and thats why niggers invented it because
    they are fucking idiots.

  • Andris Aleksejevs 5 years ago

    Why did you bother to put this light pornography on youtube? If i want to
    watch porn i go to a pornsite, not youtube. You put this here as if you
    just created something worthwhile, something which is creative or new, or
    interesting. Anyone who racks up viewers for their videos with sex appeal
    is a pathetic waste of flesh. All you’re doing is further harming the
    reputation of women. Do something new you prick.
    What amazes me even more is that an actual newssite looks at this and
    thinks: Yes, this is worthwhile and people should know about this. Clearly
    they dont care if kids watch this garbage, as long as the ad revenue for
    their shitty site keeps rising. Great journalism, you dickheads.

  • Jérôme Pogeant 5 years ago

    Song at the end ? Not Tropkillaz – Badman, the last one during the girls
    name at 2:50

  • Nenass 5 years ago

    this is a lot sexier than fat black ass twerking 

  • JGKJM 5 years ago

    The funny part IF you watch closely you can see they got no ASS at all.
    It’s only because of the under camera position/angle tjat makes the ilusion
    of a big butt xD… My dick almost got IT!

  • Адвокат Юры и Ильи 5 years ago

    ШЛЮХИ <3