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  • Plamedi Dos Santos 5 years ago

    Identiche a ❤

  • Tianna Hilson 5 years ago

    Okay you’ll

  • cassidy hope 5 years ago

    damn they killed it

  • Jailson Santana 5 years ago


  • erika montes 5 years ago

    Keep Doing Yuur Thing , Girls
    Y’all Look So Cute

  • 7thsign7 5 years ago

    fuckin pathetic. i jus dont understand this shit…i love a nice ass but to
    move it like these idiots only shows how fucked our generation is lol….i
    think its hilarious….but all of u go ahead and enjoy it…more power to u

  • Witches of the light-Habbo 5 years ago


  • Discover Maria 5 years ago

    She is messing up her J’s

  • Zendaya Cole 5 years ago

    Zoey from the proud family started “twerking”. ( it’s on the proud family
    movie) you’ll see

  • Arianna Arroyo 5 years ago

    But yet y’all watched the whole video

  • Sabria Trice 5 years ago

    Not even twerk team niggas chirp of u broke was bitches

  • xsliderx123 5 years ago


  • keith dowsey 5 years ago

    blue nd white killing it 

  • karol tolbert 5 years ago

    I love my ladies that can shake it dudes need to stop calling girls hoes
    its 2014 were more complexed then that boo I twerk an im a educated women
    that has hers. Scrubs wanna talk shit.

  • Shayla West 5 years ago

    Damn what app do they use

  • Zyliah Curry 5 years ago

    both can twerk

  • Keshana17 5 years ago

    I need to learn how to Twerk like them ! they did good . To the people
    with the Negative , Unecessary Comments You bitches Probably just mad
    cause you wish you knew how to twerk like them .. Or most of yal probably
    dont even know how to twerk at all . lmao

  • Juice Gang Tv 5 years ago

    I’m crying 

  • mac money 5 years ago

    Y’all sexy but blk an white tights u got a juicy ass

  • Rob Mack 5 years ago

    I’ll fuck them thots lol

  • Ne Princesss 5 years ago

    kinda #ratchet . But thee girl in the BLUE stiff asfck ! I likeee the #red
    better .

  • laquita jackson 5 years ago

    blue stiff

  • Jaiden Monroe 5 years ago

    Yo the hottest twerk team ever. I never seen this before

  • Jahasia Pickett 5 years ago

    Hey zendaya

  • Mikelle McCullough 5 years ago

    People has been twerking before miley cyrus did