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  • Ariliss M 5 years ago

    I don’t lie about any of that…I really liked her spiderman jacket tho

  • Janay Harris 5 years ago

    I weigh 151, I dyed my hair I don’t have on fake nails (I also don’t see a
    problem with them) B and I’m hyper as fuck. all truth if you don’t believe
    me what girl will make up that hey are 151 pounds though I don’t look like
    it and I curse a lot when I’m angry. I don’t like it when people talk crap
    when they are on a bandwagon and I end up being the bad guy when I just
    defend myself. when I try to be nice but people are complete assholes and I
    am again the bad guy as goes for when it is happening to someone else, I am
    a nice person but I can be just as much as a bitch (but only when I think
    it’s needed) I will admit and apologize about things I did wrong and get
    irritated when the other person doesn’t do the same thing and just tries to
    avoid the fact that they are wrong. tell me if you think this is a lie and
    I’m the one that does the stuff that I supposing don’t like or if I
    am really am like this? XD

  • Maverick Jay 5 years ago

    So girls, is this true? lol

  • janlle baker 5 years ago

    Guys have made females into this.

  • Emma Davis 5 years ago

    What type of dog is Kermit ???!?

  • gottagobideo 5 years ago


  • Madeline Williams 5 years ago

    Greg as in onision? :3 

  • Thea Davenport 5 years ago

    this is just like my science teacher….and what is with the end?

  • SamuraiBatgirl 5 years ago

    But… I AM a nerd. I built my own computer and everything. I’m not lying

  • terri tfourshoes 5 years ago

    The unfortunate thing is, most women are largely like this, which is the
    reason to run from all of them (after you’ve unloaded your slop into
    them). ;)

  • Mono Kitty 5 years ago

    What I lie about:

    “I don’t care”

    “take me with you I’m super stronk”

    “I’m so scrub you don’t even know”

    when I get beaten in a game and trying to hide my salt

    “Good game”

    Basically my lies revolve around games, at least that’s what I can gather
    to my awareness.

    “Y-you’re not scrub, you just need practice is all!”

    initiating in something very dangerous

    “We’ll be fiiiine.”

  • moo emam 5 years ago

    all women’s just bitches

  • PennyPenguin 5 years ago

    Your annoying white girl voice actually sounds like someone I know. It’s
    their actual voice. Not kidding. It really sucks. XD

  • Shahkulu Games 5 years ago

    Sounds like my sister :/

  • ultrajn25 5 years ago


  • allstardesiraja 5 years ago

    Jenna Marbles plz play with my Marbles! They’re nice and sweaty from
    jerking off to your face, and need to be dried out! Just do it like NIKE!

  • April Gao 5 years ago

    roots lol

  • Yuki Cross 5 years ago

    The voice killed it for me, if she used her normal jenna voice I would’ve
    laughed but the jersey shore voice is like nails on chalk board. 

  • DangerMan the Urban Superhero 5 years ago

    Your funny!!


  • Kats life 5 years ago


  • Mary Akin-Ajayi 5 years ago

    lol! when I tell people what I weigh they actually tell me there is no way
    I can weigh that much with the way I look. Perhaps it’s the things little
    white girls lie about.

  • Truxz Broopy 5 years ago

    what’s your boobs size :OOO

  • Samuel Valdes 5 years ago

    Lol all of my friends (girls) say at least half of these things. Makes me
    wonder if I’m surrounding myself with the right people. 

  • Wendy Allen 5 years ago

    You sound just like Sammi from jersey shore in the beginning of the vid 

  • Bloom Michelle Rodriguez 5 years ago

    I actually eat all I want and I don’t get fat…