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  • NoOneLikesGoogleFuckingPlus 6 years ago

    I can smell shit.

  • John Mansa 6 years ago

    +SPAWN CAMPS What about white bitches who twerk? They’re just as worse and
    rhythm-less, and white bitches are the biggest whores in the world. They
    are used by non white men as a commodity.

  • xthisIsstupidx 6 years ago

    shake my head. man this aint even hot. it’s cool to twerk in high school
    and in college. but when you not in college gon and hang it up and grow up.
    niggas need to to be workin, not twerkin. Hope these chicks aint got no
    girls cause they probably settin a bad example. aint no way my daughter gon
    be on team twerk, or a hoe. i’d beat her A$$.

  • Khalifa Boo 6 years ago

    They Asses is Phat Getit guurrlls!!! 

  • SPRoubi2020 6 years ago

    Happy Black History Month.

  • craznick hinman 6 years ago

    ha dude this ant yoirlu g

  • RandomlySteezyFilms 6 years ago

    Still bet they can’t do it on a dick…

  • Prextrexiz 6 years ago

    I Think dancing is way much better than twerking to be honest.

  • peachez1516 6 years ago

    This used be homework, because I was a little ratchet…

  • leinad131986 6 years ago

    What exactly is twerking? Just whores fucking imaginary dicks?

  • Alli Arsevell 6 years ago

    Meh…I’m not too fond of twerking. To me it’s just really unattractive and
    rather…nasty. But I will admit that something like this must take a lot
    of practice and energy. They got quite the talent, but I still don’t see
    twerking as a fun or cool thing to do. Never caught my attention really,
    But these girls can do it nice~ 

  • Tone Montana 6 years ago

    fjkajdfkjljghkgjasjldfjldf………….My bad, I was wiping my keyboard

  • antwione cain 6 years ago

    profesional twerkers

  • Joe Mizraim 6 years ago

    Some try to imitate but…

  • Shaniqua Mciver 6 years ago

    This is crazy

  • shontasia williams 6 years ago

    These grls got nothing but body! Damn! They got some good ass genetics when
    it come dwn to the ass department.

  • yaoifinatic1 6 years ago

    Anybody else jealous of the cameraman?

  • Riliwan Sanni 6 years ago


  • Karissa Johnson 6 years ago

    HOT Twerk videos on my page go watch now!!!!

  • Tenchu Power 6 years ago

    any woman who tried this dance on me would be left out on the street.

  • donklue 6 years ago

    who jerked off to this?!

  • cookies5072 6 years ago

    Okay I need a black girl with an ass like that.

  • insane247 6 years ago

    this is what miley thinks she looks like

  • shuntae white 6 years ago

    twerk team

  • Lorenzo Datiz 6 years ago

    the thing about twerking is that Jesus doesn’t think it’s proper. If you
    love Jesus you will turn away from the twerking and the american idol and
    the Rue Paul and you would live in His name. #Jesus