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  • technique 6 years ago

    This video is full of no booty chicks they pull in muscle trying to shake
    the skin off they back u can tell they work so hard to shake that lil bit
    if it’s big it will wop wop it self wit no effort u never see small buts
    like that in strip club

  • Dex Peck 6 years ago

    Tell me again how MEN sexualize women against their will?!?! It looks like
    they do it to themselves just fine, quit twerking and read a book for
    heaven’s sake.

  • Ritchie Figueroa 6 years ago

    I wonder how many guys fapped to this.

  • kesha Hernandez 6 years ago

    the first one just….killed it!

  • Mercaification 6 years ago

    What the fuck happened to the world?

  • capucine rigolotte 6 years ago

    0:15 THE BEST

  • TheGamefreak8 6 years ago

    Yo shut up with all this “black girl better” and “white girl better”
    bullshit! Every race has there own hot girls and ugly girls. I honestly
    like both black and white girls. They are both good in their own way.

  • steph ly 6 years ago

    I’m white..and I am embarrassed. 

  • Maximus Decimus  6 years ago

    1:52 gross! 

  • Carmelo Anthony 6 years ago

    2:49 vine acount plz

  • sasha light 6 years ago

    White girl r starting to catch up to the black girls. Not to be racist but
    don’t u notice the white girls to tweak to black songs?!? 

  • VanquishedU 6 years ago

    thanks for my daily masturbation.

  • Daniel Tarrant 6 years ago

    Damn dem girls got booty

  • WIP_Donn | TS Lead 6 years ago

    Sluts of the week

  • Nuno Orange 6 years ago

    What the fuck is this shit? You all look like whores. And before asking why
    I saw this video it’s because a friend sent it to me.

  • TheDiamond123123 6 years ago

    We need more twerking. I think we need to have a national twerk day similar
    to halloween or new years eve world wide!

  • I am just a cat. What the fuck do I know? Well I know something. My master
    was talking to me about sexual things. She thought I would never understand
    but here I am.

    Twerking was one thing, now, I believe some human men are just having
    mental disorders about butts. They are physically liking it. HOW THE FUCK

    Don’t just give out a shit like ‘Oh I dunno you decide’ or ‘Well fuck off’
    or ‘Hate you cat’.


  • Apelles 6 years ago

    0:27? Please? =,(

  • Alx Aarón 6 years ago

    Song 2:03?

  • Michu Mills 6 years ago

    My dog has the same movement when he is humping his teddy!

  • BACON ZACH 6 years ago

    0:51 what is it called

  • FunCircUS 6 years ago

    i´ve seen many compilations BUT THIS completly stupid ^^

  • Trumpsta V 6 years ago

    Black girls is so much better

  • phin f 6 years ago

    Twerking is a new orleans tradition, and I feel insulted by Miley Cyrus
    copying that. 

  • CutieBeccaDancez 6 years ago

    I love bouncing my ass in a thong!!!