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  • Damico Davis 4 years ago

    that anit shit Im 13 and i can do better than that when am bord im a girl
    and still like spong bob

  • tydaniel694 4 years ago

    she needs a life and a better hair style.

  • Sgt Taggart 4 years ago

    That ass is lovely.

  • Quentarius Curry 4 years ago

    Damn I would love for her to ride my dick 

  • Berlon Outlaw 4 years ago

    Ma Davis if u are really 13 then u don’t need ta be talking about twerkin
    ur own azz. Stick to sponge Bob like u said

  • 187Ernest 4 years ago

    +Jazmin nicole mca your cute and sexy. Don’t listen to people saying that
    you can’t twerk because u can twerk. Wats yo kik? Oh and please follow me
    on instagram “therealestalive25″

  • block bruiser 4 years ago

    One of the best ive ever seen darling! :-) :-)

  • Tony Garigel 4 years ago

    Sexy ass kik me 

  • Tree Two 4 years ago

    Damn that ass though

  • Michael Woods 4 years ago

    I just busted….

  • drewdzsf 4 years ago

    that ass so fat and shakin perfect i m sooo hard ty

  • Dason Williams 4 years ago

    Damn just wanna sniff that ass the way she makin it jump :-} 

  • Germaine Comeaux 4 years ago

    Damn yu made my day that wat I’m talkin about

  • Shanea Berry 4 years ago

    Wtfff is that girl thats not twerking at all please practice some more
    vefore u come back on youtube pleaseee

  • Theran Reed 4 years ago

    kik me @tee_boogiee

  • Lakers 16248 4 years ago

    FUCK IMA BUST!! that ass loose!

  • Eric Ingram 4 years ago

    I love it

  • Tychelle Trena 4 years ago

    Trampoline Booty by Kstylis. Also check out Booty Hopscotch and Hands Up
    Get Low by Kstylis

  • Antwon Thomas 4 years ago

    booking info?

  • Denica Wiltshire 4 years ago

    What’s that song called

  • Bigmikerob1 4 years ago

    U a Star!

  • bigdupree673 4 years ago

    Tht ass looks delicious Kik dupree0606 IG kingdupree0606

  • Kash FlowQueen 4 years ago

    Need more practice…

  • Mr.Criminal Freak 4 years ago


  • Jantzen Walterhoefer 4 years ago

    See I’m 31 and I have a girl who is 25 so I don’t know , but are these girl
    who do all this twerking HOES or is it just that they can dance, I’m tryna
    ask someone who is from the younger generation? Let me know