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  • korasis sword 6 years ago

    why not call the video youtube porn

  • Kara Camille Delonas 6 years ago

    And people wonder why I don’t drink…

  • Tom MacDonald 6 years ago

    Sexy New Years Babes
    Ultimate Drunk Girls Fail Compilation 2013

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  • predatorsc1992 6 years ago

    The girl at 4:00 is ridiculously hot.

  • talesin 6 years ago

    this should be titled “girls who will never get a decent job now”

  • And Alcohol is legal?…This is pathetic. 

  • poolidoor 6 years ago

    i hate drunk people, i hate them because they have no manners no
    consideration for the one that work while they acting irresponsible, they
    have no pride so how can we respect people with no pride of themself they
    just trash and whatever happen to them serve them right ( i nearly push
    from a stair a runk bastard but i didn t and weeks later the sod hit his
    head on a curb after a fight down a pub and die lol)

  • scorpionkings 6 years ago

    Holy Shit the girl @ 3:55 is fucking mega hot!!

  • Rob Watson 6 years ago

    I don’t know but id probley have to find a way to get the girl at 4:00 up
    them stairs and back to reality just a lil bit cause lord knows what id do
    to her…lol

  • weeguy 6 years ago

    TO ALL

    you can drink but control it not the other way around,i mean you can go out
    have a laugh and not drink or have a few,only stupid people get drunk to
    have a good time

    i don’t know about you’s but i can go out and have a wild night etc and
    still stay sober,all because i know my limit,yeah i can have few but always
    realize when to stop and can still function like normal

    FROM a person who knows how to have real fun

  • Bram Boender 6 years ago

    3:54, I hate those kind of girls.

  • Muslim Man 6 years ago

    that’s it’s not funny .viva islam 

  • Cathy Margin 6 years ago

    And yet you have people (male and female) say how much of a “great person”
    they are when drunk.. i seriously do not get why drink for the sake of
    getting drunk, or if you’re at a party, you “have to” drink “until” your
    drunk.. WHY. Nothing is good when drunk, “oh but being drunk creates the
    best memories” um.. no it doesn’t, your stupidity while being drunk does,
    you risk your life, you risk your liver, you risk other’s lives, you always
    behave stupidly. I will admit i do drink, but only when out with family or
    friends, and i tend to only drink a few bottles (Depending on what it is).
    I also don’t understand why people would rather film the drunken ones than
    to helping them, they probably can’t see properly let alone walk properly,
    so why not help the poor bastards, you know you would want someone to help
    you if you were as drunk as them. 

  • Barbara Martinez 6 years ago

    They are high, not drunk

  • Allenwinget55 6 years ago

    Drugs are bad, mmmk…

  • TheSGamer98 6 years ago

    No more Wodka for any of this girls:-)

  • erik schaepers 6 years ago

    And people still wonder why Aliens do not show themselves when they come

  • 33hands 6 years ago

    why are they all drunk during the day?

  • ZoeOdette 6 years ago

    What have we learned today? Drunk girls don’t wear underwear! 

  • Endorphin Takedown 6 years ago

    4:15 omg help that sweet beautiful girl

  • Samurailord 6 years ago

    3:20 is definately high, but that’s not alcohol..

  • weeguy 6 years ago

    i’m not gay and yet i didn’t find one of these women sexy..HHMM..what about
    you guys?

  • xxyanlixx 6 years ago

    lol 4795 girls disliked

  • RubyOpheliaQuinn 6 years ago

    Did that blonde chick just piss all over an elevator floor?!

  • kasey7638 6 years ago

    Are you sure they’re drunk? They look pretty sober to me…