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  • its99Percent 4 years ago

    “Yike In It” Music Video on our channel NOW!!!

  • Mariano Salvatore 4 years ago

    They tried hard but honestly they dont have anything to shake haha 

  • slicktheflash 4 years ago

    I’ve been reading these comments. a lot of black girls getting mad 

  • Samuel Olguin 4 years ago

    This is so much better than that fat cottage cheese ass shit most girls
    do… shaking your lardass has never and will never be attractive. 

  • Chamir Jackson 4 years ago

    I don’t see NOTHING shaking. Even though they did better then miley. But
    its so funny how they talk about our race and these mfs want to be us

  • FeelyMcFeelson 4 years ago

    But can they cook? 

  • cheyenne patenaude 4 years ago

    um no you don’t need a ass to twerk.. yall don’t realize you thighs is what
    makes you look like you ass is really shaking if you don’t have a fat
    enough thigh or don’t know how to work it then dnt do it… I think there
    doing a damn good job..

  • Crystal Jones 4 years ago


    Y’all look like u havin a damn seizure ! 

  • Jordan Jones 4 years ago

    Are they having seizures ? Damn, their gonna break their backs !

  • layla young 4 years ago

    LOOOOOLLL!!! Can’t stop laughing. Do they really think they’re good??

  • JewelGaming 4 years ago

    If i knew you id fuck you omg 

  • Browngirl 4 years ago

    Europeans are obsessed with African Culture its becoming sad

  • Patrick Stars butt 4 years ago

    awfull song and the girl on the right doesn’t have a ass and there both
    ugly af…..

  • itsraphael09 4 years ago

    It’s okay they’re still growing if u know what I mean xD

  • Desiree Pierson 4 years ago

    oml!…….. a lot of hater hating on theses girl that are just trying to
    dance and have fun like who cares what color you are like damn thay can
    twerk hands dow not all white people are bad twerkes

  • 360WaveProcess 4 years ago

    ok i see they’re redeeming the bad Rep. Miley put out 

  • White Girl Twerk 4 years ago

    not bad :D

  • King Possum 4 years ago

    that was pretty freaking hot.

  • Bad'AzZ JiGGLEZ 4 years ago

    A++++ for effort doe lmaoo greattt entertainment

  • DerZeppterdesAldi 4 years ago

    I guess they need more custumers. This video is like a product commercial.

  • Lovina Vargas 4 years ago


  • Nia Michelle 4 years ago

    BASICALLY . Yall lame af for talking shit . How about let me , see you
    twerk , and lets see if you can actually judge the way people actually
    twerk . I saw shit moving so i’m good lol .

  • crypandora66 4 years ago

    Why do they look so damn young tho

  • Lex Hashim 4 years ago

    id hit it ijs