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  • Book Reader 5 years ago

    Is this what our sisters really have come to? Or even worse look at all the
    brothers standing around… and ya’ll wonder why white people laugh at us
    and look at our men as spineless people… we are kings and princes, our
    women queens but yet we act like sex slaves and clowns… the whole world
    laughs at us, I know because I’ve traveled to other countries… WAKE THE
    HELL UP!!!

  • mahthias214 5 years ago

    @Bible Reader as a matter of fact google any race…white, asian, indian,
    mexican booty shakers. They ALL pull up different races shaking ass so keep
    your lies to yourself. U are one of the reasons I hate fake christians.

  • bigred4464 5 years ago

    ugly as fuck

  • mahthias214 5 years ago

    @Bible Reader stop lying on white ppl. White girls shake they ass more the
    blacks. U just hate seeing black women doing it so u lie by saying whites
    are laughing. If u travel the world u obviously don’t go to beaches or
    parties because u would know that this has nothing to do with color. You
    can google….White booty shakers and u will see nothing but white girls
    shaking ass so keep your lying ass lies to yourself…..LIAR

  • NatchaQuasa 5 years ago

    What’s the first song name ???

  • Twinkle A 5 years ago

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